Britannia Launches Winkin’ Cow Thick Shakes

Priced at Rs 25, the product is available pan-India in 180ml Tetrapak packaging.

Britannia has presented Winkin’ Cow Thick shakes in four flavors, including vanilla, choco, strawberry and mango. Valued at Rs 25, the item is accessible dish India in 180ml Tetrapak bundling.

The pack of Winkin’ Cow Thick shakes contains the healthiness of milk and common fixings, with no additional additives or fake hues.

So as to dispatch the new tetra offering, Britannia brought culinary expert Ajay Chopra ready for utilizing Winkin’ Cow Thick Shakes. Chopra displayed dessert formulas, for example, Badam Phirni, Chocolate Pancake, Mango Kulfi and Vanilla and Strawberry Pannacotta made with Britannia Winkin’ Cow thick shakes.

Chopra stated, “The taste, flavors and consistency of the thick shakes make them a perfect base fixing to prepare tasty treats for an assortment of events, be it breakfast, a night nibble or a home gathering.”

Venkat Shankar, Vice-President and Head, Dairy Business, Britannia Industries Limited, stated, “The dispatch of Winkin’ Cow thick shakes in Tetrapak serves our buyers with one more advantageous organization to appreciate the item in. The thick shakes are a superb and filling drink accessible in a scope of our most loved flavors.”

By and by, Britannia is available in excess of 60 nations crosswise over North America, Europe, Africa, South-East Asia and the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council).