Top 10 Profitable Business ideas in India 2018

A new year brings in new ideas, inspiration and opportunities. So, if you have an overwhelming business idea, there is never a better time to start than now. For those of you who have decided to turn corporate business ownership into a goal in 2018, the New Year can be equally exciting and disconcerting.

If you are among the thousands of Indians looking to run your own business, you must probably be curious about where the best and most lucrative opportunities are. So, here in this article we will discuss about the top 10 profitable business opportunities in 2018 in India.

There are a variety of franchises that will be lucrative in 2018. It is likely that one or more of them are suitable for you if you are currently buying a company. Let’s look at some of the business franchise opportunities that you may want to consider this year.

  • Dominos Pizza Franchise Business Opportunity

Dominos is one of the best franchise business opportunities in India as it is a leading multinational food chain company that began in 1960, which is a giant player in the Indian market. To flourish more in the Indian market, they facilitate the franchise opportunity for Indian entrepreneurs. Domino’s has more than 10,000 points of sale in 70 countries around the world. So taking a Domino’s franchise is in fact a profitable commercial option since its market share in India is around 62%.

  • Kidzee Franchise Business Opportunity

Kidzee is one of the pioneers in preschools throughout Asia and is one of the main franchise business opportunities in India. Currently, there is a good demand for the franchise business for Kidzee due to its goodwill and brand image. It operates in more than 330 cities with branches of 900 schools.

  • Archies Franchise Business Opportunity

Starting an Archies franchise is another good investment option as It offers gift options for almost all festivals and birthdays. Therefore, your decision to open an Archies franchise will be wise in India since India is special when it comes to festivals and occasions. There are more visitors in Archies stores to buy gifts for their loved ones. Archies was started in New Delhi and has a good number of outlets throughout India. Therefore, opening an Archies franchise in your area will be quite viable and profitable.

  • Lakme Franchise Business Opportunity

Lakme is considered the leader in beauty products throughout the world with 50-years of commercial tradition. It is a successful brand to attract more customers. Therefore, starting a Lakme lounge franchise will be a good franchise business opportunity in India. They greatly promote the franchise business and, because of this, there are more than 135 Lakme franchise businesses in 40 cities in India.

  • Apollo Clinic Franchise Business Opportunity

Obtaining the Apollo Clinic franchise is one of the best franchise opportunities in India as they are one of the leaders in the health industry. The success rate of the Apollo Clinic franchise in India exceeds 85% and, therefore, the profit margin of this franchise option is higher. If you are looking for a great investment and a great return, this may be the best franchise option. It can start within around 4000 square feet.

  • Gelato Vinto Franchise Business Opportunity

Gelato Vinto is currently a leading company offering commercial franchising opportunities in India. Gelato mainly deals with food and beverages and is interested in the franchise business. Gelato Vinto has franchise restaurants in most of northern India. Gelato Vinto has better prospects in the Indian

But, the Gelato Vinto franchise is not in the south and east of India. Considering the cosmopolitan nature of the other metropolitan cities, there are enough possibilities for you to open these restaurants in Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore and other cities in the south and east of India. Gelato is a good brand that offers first class food at reasonable prices.

  • US Dollar Store Franchise Business Opportunity

Franchise Dollar Store is the fastest growing business expansion arm of an Indian organization. US Dollar Store is part of the US Dollar Store Inc and operates as a retail entity. It has 15 franchise outlets throughout India. They keep great varieties of products such as food, beverages, health and beauty, pet accessories and car accessories.

  • Chawla’s Franchise Business Opportunity

Chawla claims to be in business since 1960 and has a successful food business in North India. It is known around the world for its excellent food and exceptional franchise opportunity, which currently has 60 points of sale having 80 chains in India and operates in 3 countries, making it the number one food franchise in India. One good thing about the franchise with Chawla is that they deal with one of the main overheads in managing a restaurant. The Chawla franchise concept is designed in such a way that it sends trained personnel that include chefs to their place.

  • DTDC Franchise Business Opportunity

It is a famous brand name in courier segment. With the increasing trend of e-commerce, the future of this segment seems to be quite bright. Breakeven of this business is very quick and you need a very small space to start this courier company.

  • Dr. Batra’s Franchise Business Opportunity

Dr. Batra is recognized today more as an iconic brand in itself and is now constantly building a strong Franchise Network company that partners with business enthusiasts and brand enthusiasts throughout India in Level II and III cities. Dr. Batra has the experience of opening three own clinics each month.

Our franchise partners will play a leading role in the success of our brand and together we will take the business to the next level and spread the joy of homeopathy to everyone. As a franchise partner, you will have exclusive brand rights in a defined market / city area. It will take advantage of the commercial advantage of a corporate group that has more than 30 years of experience and learning that, ultimately, reduces the learning curve of a new entrepreneur in the health care industry. So, it is a flourishing opportunity to franchise with Dr. Batra’s as not only will you grow professionally, but you will also contribute and make an exceptional difference in your society by creating healthcare infrastructure in your own city.

Few Points to be considered before starting a Franchise:

  • Cost and Fees

  • Franchise Fee
  • Total Investment
  • Royalties
  • Size and Growth

  • Open and operational units
  • Growth rates
  • Closures
  • Support for

  • Training times
  • Marketing support
  • Operations support
  • Availability of financing
  • Franchise infrastructure
  • Litigation
  • Strength of the brand

  • Social media
  • Years in business
  • Size of the system
  • Years of franchising
  • Financial strength and stability

  • Audited financial statements of the franchisor

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